1.1 Exam Prep.

Use these resources to help prepare for the exam 🙂 Past papers 2018 Exam 2017 Exam A revision guide to ‘Touching the Void’ Note and Useful Quotations Downloadable versions of the files:

1.6 Speaking Task

Attached is the task sheet for the upcoming 1.6 speaking assessment 🙂

1.5 Task – Film Review

The following information is for the NCEA 1.5 Formal Writing assessment. Assessment Task Assessment timeline: Day 1 – Review of the task – feedback available in class Day 2 – Feedback in class – written

Scene Analysis

After viewing the ‘launch’ scene from Apollo 11 write a paragraph in which you respond critically to the scene. Think about: Cinematography Sound (diegetic and non-diegetic) Use your notes to help you construct your paragraph. Post this

Course Booklet

Re-post of the booklet from Term 1.

Film Initial Response

Answer the following questions using evidence from the text. Write a BRIEF plot review Discuss how a person in the documentary was portrayed by the film and how they stood out. Analyse the effectiveness of

Film Reviewing

Reflect on and answer the questions below: Create a blog post. Copy the questions into it and write your answers underneath each question. How do you usually decide which films or videos you want to

Film Reviews

We will be looking at written film reviews in preparation for our own film viewing. To start we are going to read some reviews to discover some features of film reviewers language. When reading the

1.10 Wide Reading Information

This post contains all the information you need for the Wide Reading assessment for 2020. The Task Handout Exemplars A helpful guide to get you started The template Another helpful template/guide

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